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The 70s show The Brady Bunch may have ended over four decades ago, but its iconic end credits still hold a special place in the hearts of many fans. With the catchy tune and the Brady family lined up for a freeze-frame shot, it’s hard not to feel a rush of nostalgia when watching it. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into the world of Brady end credits and explore the different variations that existed over the course of the show’s five seasons. So, buckle up and get ready to travel back in time to the 80s!

The Brady Bunch was a popular TV sitcom that aired on ABC from 1969 to 1974. The show revolved around a blended family of six children (three boys and three girls) and their parents. Although the show wasn’t a critical success during its original run, it gained a cult following in syndication and became an emblematic piece of American pop culture.

Brady End Credits: A Journey Through Time

One of the most memorable aspects of The Brady Bunch was its end credits. After each episode, the cast would line up in front of their iconic checkerboard background, and the camera would capture a freeze-frame shot of them. Meanwhile, the Brady Bunch theme song would play in the background, inviting viewers to sing along.

Season 1 Credits

The Brady Bunch Season 1 Credits

The first season’s credits were the most simplistic ones. The Brady family stood in front of a solid red background while the freeze-frame shot was taken. The actors’ names were displayed on a white background, and the font used was bold and easy to read.

Season 2 Credits

The Brady Bunch Season 2 Credits

The second season’s credits introduced some significant changes, reflecting the show’s growing popularity. First, the checkerboard background was added, creating a recognizable visual identity. Second, the font used for the actors’ names changed to a script typeface, giving the credits a more elegant look.

Season 3 Credits

The Brady Bunch Season 3 Credits

The third season saw another set of changes to the credits sequence. The Brady family stood in front of a new and improved checkerboard background, with vibrant colors that would become a staple of the show’s overall aesthetic. The actors’ names were displayed on a pink background, further enhancing the credits’ playful and colorful nature.

Season 4 Credits

The Brady Bunch Season 4 Credits

The fourth season’s credits were the most visually ambitious ones yet. The Brady family stood in front of an animated, disco-inspired background that featured glittering stars and swirling colors. The actors’ names were displayed on a blue background, using a variation of the script font from the second season.

Season 5 Credits

The Brady Bunch Season 5 Credits

The fifth and final season’s credits brought back the checkerboard background, updated with even more saturated colors. The Brady family stood in front of it while the actors’ names were displayed on a yellow background, using a thick, sans-serif font. This final set of credits embodied the show’s lighthearted and cheerful tone, bidding farewell to viewers in style.

Exploring the Brady End Credits Variations

After analyzing the different sets of end credits from each season of The Brady Bunch, we can highlight some interesting variations that shed light on the show’s evolution and style.

The Introduction of the Checkerboard Pattern

The Introduction of the Checkerboard Pattern

The checkerboard pattern first appeared in the opening credits of The Brady Bunch, starting in Season 2. It soon became an iconic symbol associated with the show, appearing not only in the end credits but also in promotional materials, merchandise, and even the set design. The checkerboard pattern’s retro feel, combined with its simple yet impactful graphic design, contributed to the show’s timeless look and enduring appeal.

The Font Changes

The Font Changes

The decision to change the font used for the actors’ names was a subtle yet significant aspect of the show’s evolution. The first season’s bold, sans-serif font was practical and straightforward, but it lacked personality. The switch to a script font in the second season added a touch of elegance and sophistication, reflecting the show’s rising popularity and increasing budget. Overall, the font changes mirrored the show’s journey from a low-budget, under-the-radar sitcom to a mainstream pop culture phenomenon.

The Animated Background

The Animated Background

The fourth season’s end credits stand out for their ambitious animation, featuring an array of glittering stars and disco-inspired colors. This design choice reflected the spirit of the times, as the 70s were a decade of experimentation, artistic freedom, and visual excess. The animated background also signaled the show’s willingness to take risks and push the envelope creatively, which was rare for a primetime sitcom at the time.

Tips for Creating Memorable End Credits

If you’re working on a TV show or a film project and want to create end credits that stick with your audience, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Make Them Visually Distinctive

Make Them Visually Distinctive

The Brady Bunch end credits stood out from other TV shows of the time because of their distinctive visual identity. Whether it’s through the use of a particular color scheme, graphic design, or animation, make sure your end credits look and feel unique to your project. This will help your audience remember the show and create a lasting impression.

Add Personality to the Font

Add Personality to the Font

The font you use for the actors’ names can be more than just a practical choice; it can add personality to the credits and convey the show’s mood and tone. Whether it’s a bold sans-serif font or a cursive script, choose a font that fits your project’s aesthetic and enhances the mood you’re trying to create.

Create a Catchy Tune

Create a Catchy Tune

The Brady Bunch theme song is one of the most recognizable tunes in TV history, and its popularity contributed to the show’s lasting legacy. Consider investing in a memorable and catchy tune for your end credits that complements the visuals and enhances the audience’s emotional connection to the project.

Experiment with Animation

Experiment with Animation

The fourth season’s end credits of The Brady Bunch demonstrated the power of animation in creating memorable visuals. Don’t be afraid to experiment with animation or other types of visual effects to enhance the end credits’ impact and create a unique and immersive experience for your audience.

Stay True to the Project’s Identity

Stay True to the Project's Identity

The end credits should reflect the overall mood, tone, and message of your project. Whether it’s through the font, the visuals, or the music, make sure the end credits stay true to the brand identity and values of your show or film. This will help create a cohesive and memorable experience for your audience.


The Brady Bunch end credits are a testament to the power of memorable visuals and catchy tunes in creating enduring pop culture icons. By analyzing the different sets of credits from each season, we can observe how the show’s style and production value evolved over time, reflecting the changing trends and tastes of the era. If you’re working on a TV show or a film project, consider applying the tips we’ve shared to create end credits that stand out and add value to your project’s overall branding and identity.


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